I try to make every lesson attractive and useful. All new vocabulary and knowledge should be used correctly. The most important thing is that you like attending the lessons and enjoy them. What do we begin with?
Every course starts with an introduction of the Czech language. Students thing of what they saw or heard around and what interests them. Then we start with learning basic phrases such as:
“I understand x I don’t understand”
“How is in Czech…?”
“Please x Thank you”
… and other phrases that students can use immediately in practice.

What is going on during the lesson?

  1. Revision of the last lesson: discussion, pictures, talking on one topic, games that help with memorizing, what news you have seen during the week (in subway, in newspaper etc.)
  2. Introduction of a new topic: grammar, vocabulary, useful phrases
  3. Summary: reading, listening, writing of short dialogues, conversation
  4. Homework (no one likes them, but they are very helpful )

More advanced students can look forward to classes outside: getting to know Prague coffee houses, restaurants, exhibitions and other events.

What materials are used?

As I try to keep the teaching up to date I use the most modern textbooks from Lída Holá: Čeština
Expres I., II., III.

  • 7 lessons are oriented to practical topics (meeting, family, orientation, restaurant…)
  • many photos and comics are used to help with the text
  • using just one textbook to make it easy (workbook is part of the textbook)

Other materials:

  • New Czech Step by Step / Krok za krokem
  • Prague legends
  • Old Czech Legends
  • Czech fairytales and so on