My motto?

Boring theory and memorizing vocabulary is gone!

What are the characteristics of your lecturer?

  • empathy
  • creativity
  • patience
  • motivation
  • flexibility
  • innovation



What your lecturer likes the most?


friends64 students64

 stick-man books64 traveling64

film64 dancer64 photo64 flower64

Education and practice

    • 2020 until now czech tutoring
    • 2020 private on-line course 3 times a week with student from Libanon
    • 2020 Sokoban private course
    • 2019 – until now EKS Intesive Czech course ( EU #vprazedoma)
    • 2018: University of creative communication Prague, Czech for Foreigners courses
    • 2018: French Embassy, Czech for Foreigners courses (intensive, individual, group)
    • 2015 – today: Mendel University – lifelong learning – Two-semester intensive course finished off with B1/B2 test.
    • 2014 – today: Association of Teachers of Czech as a foreign language
    • 2015 – 2016: Two-semester language course for teaching Czech as a foreign language with certificate
    • 2011 – 2009: University J. A. Komenského – Andragogy (Mgr.)
    • 2009 – 2006: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of education, Czech language and social sciences (Bc.)
    • 2006 – 2005: Language school of the capital city of Prague, State Exam in English
    • 2005 – 2004: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Certificate of course completion of Czech language and literature
    • 2007 – 2012: Language school Akcent, Czech for Foreigners courses (intensive, individual, group)
    • 2008 – 2012: Language school Skřivánek, Czech for Foreigners courses (intensive, individual, group)

Where it all began…

I guess that almost everyone used to play the school. I used to play the school with my younger sister and since childhood I felt that teaching might be my real profession and passion as well.

Why Czech language?

It has been my favourite subject since grammar school.

First steps to make it real…

The starting point was Faculty of Arts but simple studying of theory did not satisfy me. I wanted to teach and I knew that I need to improve my English. Finally at Faculty of education there started my interest in Czech as a foreign language and teaching of adults.

Where to find an opportunity?

In the year of 2007 I got an email from my friend about a position at language school Akcent and my decision was made. I learned a methodology of Czech as a foreign language, cooperation with other lectors and multicultural communication.

Where to graduate?

Master studies at University Jana Amose Komenského, add language school Skřivánek and mostly teach as much as possible. I meet students from Ikea, Radio Free Europe, Avast software, Vion Food, Lilly, Allyn, TRW and Suse Linux where I still teach.

What’s next?

After 4 years there comes a big decision to end my cooperation with language schools and become a lecturer on my own. It brings me a lot of advantages, such as: individual approach to every student, innovation of lessons, lessons outside (coffee, exhibition, supermarket…).

Czech playfully will entertain you and you will love studying it!